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You are either in the spirit or in the flesh, there is no in between.  You can't die to self when the old self has already died. I talk about these faulty concepts in the last podc...

When a teaching is popular and endorsed by popular teachers it doesn't mean that teaching is true.

Twisting the text has been around for centuries, this episode is the first in a new series. Lets straighten out what has been twisted by man.

Psalm 51

Is Psalm 51 the correct attitude for those in Christ today? How can the spirit of God leave us if Jesus promised to never leave us. This episode is rethinking and looking at Psalm ...

Matthew 7

Chapter 7 is the transition from death to life.

Matthew 6:19 - 34

Apart from Jesus they could do nothing.

Matthew 6:1-18

Exposing hypocritical righteousness! 

Matthew 5:17-48

Christian growth or Law 2.0?

Son and Spirit

If the Son was dependent on the Spirit of God, how much more should believers today be?

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