Thank You for finding and listening to the Supernatural Faith Podcast. My name is Randy and I wanted to create a podcast for the people who are or who have been like me. After almost two years of Bible college I saw a growing need that wasn't being fulfilled. People are either being indoctrinated from a traditional point of view from their parents and grandparents or they never taught themselves any other view and just go along to get along. Do you want to learn more and hear things that you won't hear sitting in a pew on a Sunday morning? Your in the right place. Have you become burned out or told you need to do more for God because you aren't doing enough? This is also for you. This podcast is also for the people who have been abused in the numerous amount of ways in Churches today. I hope this helps you in your life with Jesus, noticed I said life with and not walk with. Listen and enjoy! Hebrews 10:10. 

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