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Spirit of God

Why is the third person of the Godhead misunderstood? Why is he ignored, more than talked about? This is the first part in a new series on the Holy Spirit.

7 Myths Of Bible Study

What is a Bible study? How do we define it? I share my thoughts on what a Bible study is and isn't.

What is die to self? Does God turn from His children like in a swivel chair? Let's talk about these religious ideas that many Christians have been taught. 

Don't let guilt tripping distract you from cheerful giving. He loves a cheerful giver not a mind controlled giver.

Law of Love? or Love of Law?

Should the Law be the compass Christians Live by? In this episode we will take a deeper dive. Come listen in and be free from any guilt or burden you may have from living the Law b...

How do religious people keep up the show they put on? Why does following the law entice people to sin? The second episode in the God Without Religion series dives into law based li...

Is it about religion plus Jesus? or Jesus plus nothing? Some believe it's both but what does the text have to say. This is the first episode in the God Without Religion series.

Everyone has presuppositions, biases and preunderstandings when they approach the Biblical text. We all have them as we go throughout our day as well with the people and things we ...

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